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Inform Yourself
 Diabetes Education

by Robert Salmon,
     Registered Pharmacist
     Certified Disease State Manager



Blood Glucose Monitoring Supplies

There are some common misconceptions about home glucose testing. For one,your results will never be as accurate as a lab test. There are many variables that can affect your home testing, and current home testing technology is not 100 percent accurate. You may be surprised to learn, the current international standard for home blood glucose meter accuracy indicates that at least 95% of the glucose tests should be within 20% of laboratory results when equal to or above 75 mg/dL. We test every model before we add it to our catalogue in an effort to ensure that the meters we carry surpass this international standard for accuracy. There are many other misconceptions about home glucose testing, and diabetes in general. Thus, it is important to separate fact from fiction. There are a number of common myths that we hear from time to time.

Our selection of testing meters is broad. If you have a meter in mind, we can probably send you supplies for it. If not, we will order the supplies for you as long as they are still distributed in the United States. We have the most current meters available on the market today including meters that can talk, meters that will communicate wirelessly with your insulin pump, or meters that will test your blood pressure.

Our staff is extensively trained in the usage of all of our meters, and we train every patient on how to use their meter before, during, and after shipment as a complimentary service. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure that we never send out testing supplies without the recipient knowing how to use them. We will also supply all of the necessary accessories, and deliver them right to your door, such as batteries or injectors. Most of our meters are also capable of alternate site testing, and the majority of them will connect to your computer via USB cable and download your results. Have a meter in mind? Here is our Prescription Form for your convenience, but if you call us, we will fax your prescription to your PCP and add it to our followup. Call today! We will probably be able to supply your meter at no cost to you. Please mention that you saw this webpage!

Here are some instruction manuals for a few models we carry. Call us today, or put in an order request online. We will call you at your request and obtain the necessary demographic information to complete your order. We will handle all the paperwork for you. There will be no claim forms to fill out, and we will handle your prescription requests as well.

Embrace Talking Meter
Advocate Duo Blood Pressure meter
Freestyle Lite
One Touch Ultra II
Contour TS
Ascencia Contour
Breeze II
Accu-chek Aviva  
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