Why Should I Monitor my Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar testing is done to determine the levels of glucose (blood sugar) in the blood stream. This test is most often performed on patients suffering from Diabetes mellitus (DM). The doctor, patient, or caregiver will pierce the skin drawing a blood sample. Then s/he will test the sample...
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Benefits of Back Braces

Most people have come across friends, family members or even neighbors with spinal complications perhaps due to accidents, operations, spinal deformities, straining of muscles when carrying heavy items, poor posture, abrupt unexpected movement, or even diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica and scoliosis. These problems cause pain that ranges...
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Qualification for Diabetic Shoes

So often I get asked about diabetic shoes. What does or does not constitute the necessity for diabetic shoes. The easy answer is all diabetics need diabetic shoes but in the end when you work for a company who sells the product, your statements start to sound like marketing....
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Blood Glucose Accuracy

Home glucose testing monitors aren’t as accurate as lab tests. They have a significant margin for error. We’ve also found that most suppliers try to keep this a secret. It’s not good for business to contradict a positively held myth about one’s own product. Because of this practice, even...
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