Diagnosing Diabetes with a Blood Test

Diabetes is a common disease that can impact absolutely everyone. When an individual has diabetes, their body is incapable of producing insulin –a hormone responsible for utilizing glucose for energy. This is problematic as this results in the incapability to metabolize carbohydrates leading to elevated levels of glucose in...
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Health Issues for Men With Diabetes

Men with diabetes suffer with diabetes-related complications differently than women. And one of the diabetes-related complications that men fear most is erectile dysfunction. Diabetes increases the risk of erectile dysfunction or impotence due to the damage to the nerves and muscles of the male reproductive organ. There are other...
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Diabetes and Women

Background Information Recent studies show that diabetes affects over 245 million people world wide and almost three-quarters of those affected are women. As it is considered epidemic, researchers expect these rates to escalate to 360 million by 2020. Shocking figures reveal that in the US, almost 20 million children...
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Blood Glucose and Diabetes

Diabetes has become one of the most prevalent diseases today; however, it is becoming easily manageable. Physicians are discovering new factors that could help people with diabetes to live comfortable lifestyles. Understanding of the relationship between blood glucose and diabetes has helped diabetics to lead normal lives without being...
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How to obtain Cheap Diabetic Supplies

Diabetes is probably one of the most chronic conditions and also one of the most costly. If you are on Medicaid or similar programs that would shoulder your medications or you have insurance coverage, you wouldn’t really be complaining but for most of the elderly people on Medicare, there’s...
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Launching our Newsletter

Hello all! Thanks for sticking with The Diabetic Shoppe for all your diabetic testing supply needs. Next week we will be launching our weekly newsletter, which you may be receiving via email. Our first newsletter will have a pretty big surprise as a Thank you to our existing patients....
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