Diabetes Treatment with Stem Cells

Introduction Diabetes is a disease which devastates the lives of many. It affects people in two forms, type-1 and type-2 diabetes. In the first form, the immune system in the human body obliterates beta cells, which produce insulin, whereas in the second form people face insulin resistance along with...
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Diabetes in Kids and Teens

Introduction The most common type of diabetes that affect youth and toddlers is Type 1 diabetes. Also known as juvenile diabetes, Type 1 diabetes in kids is an autoimmune disease that results from the pancreases not producing enough insulin. Although type 2 diabetes was initially thought to be a...
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About Diabetes

Diabetes is a sickness that causes your blood sugar or blood glucose to increase to abnormal levels. This disease is related to problems with the hormone insulin, which is produced in a body organ known as the pancreas, located behind your stomach. The function of insulin is to assist...
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Common Diabetes Mysteries Debunked

Common Diabetes Mysteries Debunked Diabetes is best known as a lifelong disease of the pancreas. The pancreas is a body organ located behind the human stomach that is responsible for insulin release into the bloodstream. The body requires this crucial substance (insulin) to maintain equilibrium by utilizing sugars and...
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