The Early Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes can be aptly described as a sinister, silent and deadly medical condition that is controllable, but NOT curable. It affects both young and old people, with the number of diabetics estimated to be in the tens of millions all over the world and growing. What adds to the...
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Diabetes Affects One’s Ability to Drive – Learn More Information

Professional drivers, like any other occupational group in the workplace, are faced with a range of occupational risks. Apart from the road and vehicle accidents to which they are exposed during work, many years of professional activity increase the driver’s vulnerability to a number of serious health risks. Despite...
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Taking Control of Your Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disease which causes abnormal amounts of sugar to accumulate in the blood. There are many symptoms but there are also multiple types of diabetes. Symptoms don’t always appear in every individual and they are often hard to notice. What are the symptoms? There is an...
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Diabetes Diet Plan for Kids

If your child has been recently diagnosed as diabetic, you may worry about compliance with their new diet. That is because children are often partial to sweets, fast foods, and processed foods. There is a common misconception that these foods could never play a big role in a diabetic...
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Diabetes Education

Diabetes has affected the lives of millions. If you have not been diagnosed yourself, you most likely have friends or family who are diabetic. If you or someone you know is displaying the symptoms of diabetes, it is a good idea to get checked for the disease. This disease...
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The Regulation of Diabetes

Reasons behind diabetes Low insulin production and insulin resistance are the two main causes of diabetes. Insulin facilitates the passage of sugar from the blood to the body, during which time it is converted into energy which is used to maintain body functions.
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