Main Components of Health

Health refers to the state of comprehensive mental and physical wellbeing. Health is our most important resource. Good health may indicate the absence of disease while bad health may indicate the presence of disease, but these are not nearly the only factors when discussing health. Health is very difficult to measure despite the efforts of the social scientist, clinicians, and political economists....
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Insulin Pump Patients and Diabetes

Diabetic insulin pumps are a breakthrough. They work for all types of diabetic patients and they are a huge quality of life improvement. They are simple to operate and come with all the convenience of modern testing equipment. They also come with a meter that will wirelessly communicate with your...
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Useful strategies for portion control 

Portion control is about the amount of a serving and the number of calories a serving contains. Portion control is important to control body weight which is in turn determined by caloric intake over time. A healthy diet is desirable to combat the extremes of excess and deficiency (overeating and not eating enough). Portion control is...
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