Know More About Diabetes

Know more About Diabetes
Diabetes is a condition where there is too much sugar in the blood, commonly referred to as diabetes mellitus by many medical practitioners. This happens when the body is not able to produce enough insulin or when the cells in the body are not fully able to utilize the...
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Diabetes & Lifestyle

Diabetes & Lifestyle
Are you suffering from diabetes? There are several things you can do to prevent blood sugar spikes. There is no cure for diabetes, but diabetes management can be a winning game. Many adults normally suffer from this disease without realizing it. This can be very detrimental. Most patients only...
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Diabetes Mellitus

Abnormally high levels of glucose in the bloodstream can result from a disease called Diabetes. The pancreas produces a hormone called insulin which lowers the prevalence of glucose in the blood. The inability of the body to produce insulin or the improper utilization of the hormone by the body...
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Caring for a Child with Diabetes

Did you know that children can get diabetes? This might surprise you. This is because many people think that diabetes only affects adults. However, children are also prone to diabetes. Most commonly, children develop type 1 diabetes. This type of diabetes appears when the pancreas no longer produces insulin....
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Diabetes in the Modern World

Diabetes is a medical term referring to a set of metabolic disorders that lead to high levels of sugar in a person’s blood. More specifically, diabetic patients usually have a blood glucose level of no less than 90 mg/dL before eating. This level can increase to more than 180...
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The Early Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes can be aptly described as a sinister, silent and deadly medical condition that is controllable, but NOT curable. It affects both young and old people, with the number of diabetics estimated to be in the tens of millions all over the world and growing. What adds to the...
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