Diabetic Nerve Pain

If you are a diabetic you may have started to feel a tingling in your feet or toes. This is often caused by diabetic nerve pain. Reduced blood flow and high blood glucose levels often leads to damaged peripheral nerves.  These damaged nerves cause sensations such as a tingle...
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Diabetes The Growing Epidemic

Fake news has been all the rage lately. The medical industry had fake news in the form of misinformation which has abounded since far before the Internet became a thing. How many times have you heard the results of the latest study which only contradicts previous information that has...
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Why Should I Monitor my Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar testing is done to determine the levels of glucose (blood sugar) in the blood stream. This test is most often performed on patients suffering from Diabetes mellitus (DM). The doctor, patient, or caregiver will pierce the skin drawing a blood sample. Then s/he will test the sample...
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Benefits of Back Braces

The Cybertech Tri-Mod Back Support is a back support that restricts motion from the spine to ease back pain and patients who are healing from a spine surgery.  This tri-mod system has an LSO back brace with the patented Cybertech pulley system, anterior panels, and a rigid chairback frame.  To check out this rigid back support go to http://www.braceability.com/cybertech-tri-mod-back-brace
Most people have come across friends, family members or even neighbors with spinal complications perhaps due to accidents, operations, spinal deformities, straining of muscles when carrying heavy items, poor posture, abrupt unexpected movement, or even diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica and scoliosis. These problems cause pain that ranges...
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