Diabetic Testing Inaccuracy Part 1

I started selling diabetic testing supplies about a decade ago. When I started, meters that offered no coding were all the rage. Just years before, testing meters were monstrosities. They were huge and required a huge amount of blood. Samples could only be taken from the finger and they...
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Depression, Diabetes and Obesity

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Alix/Phanie / Rex Features ( 987110a )
A diabetic person is checking her blood sugar level (self glycemia). A drop of blood obtained with a pen-like lancing device is placed on a test stick and analysed with blood glucose tester (glucometer). Treatment of obesity, Department of endocrinology, Bordeaux hospital, France.
“Depression, diabetes and obesity are on the rise in our country and around the world. It has been estimated that diabetes mellitus type 2 affects about 246 million people in the world; nevertheless, incidence varies among countries (De la Cruz-Cano, et al., 2015). The three afflictions are closely linked...
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Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus (Type 1 and Type 2), is a chronic disease which happens when the body is no longer able to sustain necessary levels of insulin or utilize the insulin in the body (the difference being due to Type 1 or Type 2), or when...
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Regulating glucose for life

Diabetes is becoming one of the leading causes of death among Americans, and cases of this disease are growing at an alarming rate. Diabetes literally has become a modern-day, silent epidemic. More than 29.1 million Americans are estimated to have diabetes, with many of these cases going undiagnosed. The...
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Getting weight off and keeping it off

“Why can’t I lose weight?” is a question that many of us have asked ourselves. However, effective weight loss means dealing with several variables. Poor diet: Most of us eat ethnically or habitually, or follow the recommendations of the processed food and fast food industry who encourage us to...
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Diabetic Nerve Pain

If you are a diabetic you may have started to feel a tingling in your feet or toes. This is often caused by diabetic nerve pain. Reduced blood flow and high blood glucose levels often leads to damaged peripheral nerves.  These damaged nerves cause sensations such as a tingle...
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