Diabetic Nephropathy, Causes, Management, Symptoms and Treatment

 Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus is a condition where your body cannot use the normal amount of insulin, or that your body cannot produce the amount of insulin that you need. Since insulin is the hormone responsible for regulating your blood sugar, without enough insulin your blood sugar...
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Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Type 2 info is provided here because sometimes accurate information is difficult to find. There are some sources of diabetic info, but some of these are fad diet adverts that may not be helpful and could even be dangerous. The Diabetes Type Two info provided here also to...
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Try to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

 Diabetes is one of the most alarming of the medical problems in the developed world. Notwithstanding all the efforts of diabetes experts and diabetes researchers, the problem is becoming worse, with increasing numbers of people being diagnosed as suffering from diabetes mellitus every year. If you think that you...
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Diabetic – A Condition of Being

Diabetes is a medical condition that incapacitates the body’s ability to manufacture and (or) use insulin, which is a hormone in nature. Insulin is responsible for regulating sugar levels in the body. Diabetics are therefore the people that suffer from this medical condition. They are classified into two main...
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Weight Goals for Diabetics

 Effective weight management involves a balance of healthy nutrition and moderate exercise. While all adults should strive to maintain their optimum weight, doing so is particularly important for those suffering from diabetes. The disease can often be controlled through a carefully monitored dietary regimen, but the need for daily...
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