Diabetic Kidney Disease

Introduction Kidneys are a major organ in the human body, inside them, there are millions of very tiny blood vessels that serve the function of filtering blood. By filtering I mean removing waste products from the blood. Having that said we are left with the question what is Diabetic...
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Diabetes & Foot Problems

Diabetes is a direct cause of nervous system malfunctions, which leads to an inability by the patient to manage, co-ordinate or feel his or her feet. The normal functions of sweat secretion and oil production to soften and lubricate the skin of the feet are slowed down substantially by...
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Diabetes and Foot Problems

One of the leading complications of diabetes is foot issues. Behind every problem, there is a logical explanation as to why, how, and what can be done to resolve it. Let’s take a look at diabetic foot ailments together. What Causes Foot Problems in Diabetics? Unlike people without diabetes...
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Carbohydrate Counting and Diabetes

Healthy eating recommendations for persons living with diabetes are quite similar to recommendations for the rest of-the population. Foods which contain carbohydrate are a vital source of fuel for the body. Carbohydrates are sugar-based molecules often found in many foods, from cantaloupes to cookies. Background Information. For many years...
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Diagnosing Diabetes with a Blood Test

Diabetes is a common disease that can impact absolutely everyone. When an individual has diabetes, their body is incapable of producing insulin –a hormone responsible for utilizing glucose for energy. This is problematic as this results in the incapability to metabolize carbohydrates leading to elevated levels of glucose in...
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Health Issues for Men With Diabetes

Doctor talking with patient in doctors office
Men with diabetes suffer with diabetes-related complications differently than women. And one of the diabetes-related complications that men fear most is erectile dysfunction. Diabetes increases the risk of erectile dysfunction or impotence due to the damage to the nerves and muscles of the male reproductive organ.   There are...
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Diabetes and Women

Background Information Recent studies show that diabetes affects over 245 million people world wide and almost three-quarters of those affected are women. As it is considered epidemic, researchers expect these rates to escalate to 360 million by 2020. Shocking figures reveal that in the US, almost 20 million children...
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