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On Friday June 19th, 2009 The Diabetic Shoppe was devastated by a fire which burned our main building and our entire inventory of testing supplies. With the help of our employees, friends, and the community we were able to resupply and ship out testing supplies on the following Monday with no interruption in service. To our knowledge, none of our patients had to go without their testing supplies because of that fire.

Customer service has always been the top priority of the company. The Diabetic Shoppe tries to ensure you can always speak with a representative. The company strives to go above and beyond the already high standards and expectations of most healthcare organizations, all in an effort to provide a seamless and convenient experience for our patients.

For the next year, The Diabetic Shoppe employees worked out of a cramped building near the site of the fire. Despite this, we were able to continue productivity at and above pre-fire levels. On top of that, we did not let our health and safety standards fall. The Diabetic Shoppe is proud to be a Joint Commission accredited organization.


During that period a new structure was under construction just a few miles away. In December 2010 we moved into our new location. We now have a massive new facility that allows us to better serve our patients. This is thanks to the dedication of the Salmon family to the Diabetic Shoppe, and their dedication to its patients and employees. Mr. Salmon has made it clear that The Diabetic Shoppe is a long term family business. Our mission statement says it all:

Our mission is to provide products and services helping diabetic patients manage their needs. The products we provide will always be of the highest quality. Our customer service will be superior by maintaining long term relationships with both patients and care givers while constantly striving for better results.

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