Diabetic Kidney Disease



Kidneys are a major organ in the human body, inside them, there are millions of very tiny blood vessels that serve the function of filtering blood. By filtering I mean removing waste products from the blood. Having that said we are left with the question what is Diabetic Kidney disease?

This is a complication that may occur to someone who has diabetes. In some cases, this advance to cause kidney failure. Treatment to this is meant to prevent or in some cases delay the rapid progression of the disease. Additionally, treatment is also aimed at reducing the risk of one developing cardiovascular diseases e.g. stroke and heart attack.


How is kidney disease caused by diabetes?

At that point when one’s body digests protein that he or she eats, there are waste products that are also produces. As blood flows through these tiny million blood capillaries in the kidney, small molecules (waste products) squeeze themselves out through the tiny holes. These waste products now get off the body in form of urine. Diabetes has the ability to malfunction this system. A diabetic person has high levels of sugar in his body and this makes the kidney to filter a lot of blood therefore causing a strain to the blood capillaries (filters). While this continues for a period of time let’s say some years, the capillaries start to leak and useful substances to the body like proteins are also lost in the excreted urine. This condition of having protein substances in the urine is refer to as microalbuminuria.

When diabetic kidney disease is detected at this early stage, a number of treatment can be made to prevent the disease from further worsening. On the contrary when now large amount of proteins is present in the urine, ESRD or end stage disease usually flows. At severe stages the kidney ends up failing thus requiring one to have a transplant or go for the option of dialysis (where blood is filtered by machines).


Kidney is a very vigorous organ of the body thus it works extremely hard to make up for the failing blood vessels. This now makes it hard for one to detect any symptom not until the kidney has or almost failed.

However, the first common symptoms are build-up of fluids. Others include lack of sleep (insomnia), lack of appetite, stomach upsets, and low concentration levels.



As always said prevention is better than cure. Diabetic kidney disease is prevented by one having his or her blood glucose level put on range. Medical research has stated before that might blood glucose control goes a long way in reducing the risk of one having microalbuminuria by a third treatment.

  1. One self-care

This is the core treatment, a tight control of blood pressure as well as blood glucose. A small rise in one’s blood pressure can drastically increase the rate at which the disease progresses.

  1. Medicinal drugs

Some specific medicine has since been used to regulate blood pressure. It is advisable to seek a doctor advice so as to get which specific medicine would be useful for you condition.

  1. Diet

A good heathy die also goes a long way in curing this disease. Maybe a lo protein diet to help curb the loss of proteins to the urine

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