The Diabetic Shoppe – Diabetic Shoes and Custom Orthotic Inserts


The Diabetic Shoppe was founded by registered pharmacist Mr. Robert L. Salmon, owner of Southern Discount Drugs of Charleston, Inc. Mr. Robert Salmon is a Mississippian, independent pharmacist, and entrepreneur in the Charleston area. The company started as a diabetic supply business that was officially founded in 1995. In the late 90s, Mr. Salmon continued to improve the business and moved to a larger physical storefront to more efficiently serve the community. The mission of The Diabetic Shoppe has always been to offer services and products that will assist diabetic patients in meeting their daily needs. Since its establishment, the organization has always stuck to its core principles which are; offering products of the highest quality and providing a superior customer service experience.


The business has a respectable reputation due to its excellent customer service which has maintained long term relationships with caregivers and patients whilst continuously striving to achieve better results. This notable goal along with very high standards of excellence has earned The Diabetic Shoppe the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval. As such, The Diabetic Shoppe has expanded to six states in different parts of America, with a workforce of over 40 people. The business has recruited many sales people to manage its service areas, (Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi) along with Pedorthists who are charged with the role of offering corrective footwear (including diabetic shoes, custom-fit orthotics, custom orthotics insoles and inserts) to prevent the painful and the disabling conditions at the ankle and feet, as well as neuropathy like that experienced by diabetic patients.


For more than twenty-five years, Diabetic Shoppe has been crafting high-end customized orthotic insoles. As a matter of fact, they are the best in the business. In addition, the firm provides a large assortment of diabetic shoes and it has contracted with a number of insurance companies in to provide shoes for most diabetic patients, every year. The Diabetic Shoppe provides its patients with three pairs of insoles and a pair of diabetic shoes every calendar year.

Frequently, The Diabetic Shoppe organizes “diabetic day” programs across the southern parts of United States. These programs usually serve as platforms via which patients receive foot exams, discuss issues related to their foot health with a certified Pedorthists, and have their feet measured and casted to assist in development of their diabetic footwear. The organization has an efficient delivery system that directly delivers insoles and shoes to the residence of their patients. The custom orthotic insoles manufactured by The Diabetic Shoppe are some of the best around and are very well-known products in the diabetic community of the mid-south.

Before delivering the shoes to a patient, it is mandatory for the patient to have a prescription from a certified health care provider. Many insurance firms in America offer coverage for that. Using diabetic shoes and customized orthotic insoles can help in the prevention of amputation, ulceration and other grave consequences of diabetes. Diabetic shoes reduce the probability of mechanical injury, which is a very common and may result in amputation along with other movement adverse conditions. Basically, these shoes improve the quality of life for their diabetic patients.
The manufacturing of all custom orthotic insoles at Diabetic Shoppe is done as per the strenuous guidelines outlined by the federal government. Diabetic shoes are a preventive medication and certain risk factors like low blood circulation can qualify a patient to get these shoes and orthotics.

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