Diabetic Shoes and Inserts

We have been crafting high end custom orthotic inserts and insoles for over 25 years. We believe we are the best diabetic shoes provider. We also offer a very wide selection of diabetic footwear including diabetic dress shoes and diabetic tennis shoes. Most insurance will pay for one pair of diabetic shoes and three pairs of insoles every calendar year.

We also provide “diabetic day” programs all over the southern United States. These programs allow patients to get foot exams, to be fitted for diabetic shoes and to ask questions about their diabetes to our certified Pedorthist. We have a fleet of vans and we deliver the shoes and insoles directly to our patient’s residence.

Custom diabetic footwear and custom orthotic insoles from The Diabetic Shoppe are some of the most popular products for our patients.  These products must be prescribed by the patient’s health care provider. Most insurance provides coverage for them.  Ulceration, amputation, and other serious consequences of diabetes may be prevented by the use of Diabetic footwear and custom orthotic insoles.    The products reduce the likelihood of the patient suffering from diabetic foot disease, a very costly and, perhaps, deadly consequence of diabetes.  These products increase the quality of life for our patients.

All footwear provided through The Diabetic Shoppe meet very strenuous guidelines from the federal government. Orthopedic Shoes are a preventative medication. That means that certain risk factors, such as low circulation in your extremities, may qualify you.

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