Diabetic Skin Care


Diabetes causes many problems for the patient. These problems range from the heart to the eyes as well as the feet and the skin. When it comes to the skin and the feet, it can cause different types of damage. One of them is the nerve damage which could lead to infection or a sore. The other is poor blood flow that makes it difficult for infections to heal. For the skin, the condition can cause loss of fluid in the body leading to dry skin that can easily crack. Nerve damage is also another problem on the skin that can lead to dry skin. For this reason, the patients are required to carry out different types of skin care practices to help reduce the problems that can arise and to stay healthy.
Diabetes might be difficult to live with because it can cause trouble for your entire body the rest of your life but you don’t have to let it affect your skin, the way your skin appears and feels. There are many tips, which can be followed to protect your skin if you have diabetes.


One of the most important things they need to do is to keep their skin as dry as possible. To do this, they are advised to use warm water for their baths and are warned not to spend a long time in the bathroom and to avoid frequent baths. They are also encouraged to use shower creams that have moisturizing effects. Apart from that, it is recommended to take a lot of water whenever they are thirsty as this will help in keeping their skins dry.

After bathing they should ensure that they have dried their bodies well. It is important for them to check out places such as between the legs, between the toes, underarms and breasts as water can hide. While doing so, they should also check out for any signs of dry or red or sore spots that may cause infection. When dressing, it is recommended to wear all cotton underwear as they allow the air to circulate better in the body. In case they notice any skin problems, people with diabetes must inform their doctors at once.

Foot care is crucial for people who have diabetes. The daily routine they should carry out includes testing the water temperature to ensure that it is not too hot. The testing should be done using the fingers or the elbow as the feet will not sense if it is too hot and this can easily cause burns. When washing them must use mild soap as the strong ones damage the skin. The feet should be thoroughly dried to prevent any infection, in particular between the toes. Since the feet can become very dry or cracked, the people with diabetes are advised to use lotion, jelly, oil or lanolin to soften them. They are however warned to avoid putting lotion between their toes.


They are also advised to wear shoes at all times to avoid exposing themselves to injury. Before wearing them, it is imperative that the check for any rough areas that may cause pressure or irritation to their feet. When it comes to skin care products, please get only the best natural skin care products. It is also important to treat your skin carefully. You need to use very mild products made for sensitive and dry skin. Your skin will be extra sensitive and may be susceptible to being dry or acne breakouts. You need to avoid strong products like regular body soap and treat cuts and bruises on your skin immediately. You should see the doctor right away for anything that can get infected.

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