How to Live Healthy Controlling Diabetes


Diabetes Diet Plan and Diabetes Exercise

Any diabetic person can lead a healthy and normal life if they take some extra care. For this goal, diet control and exercises are very important.

Diabetes Diet Plans

Patients have to work out a good plan in consultation with the doctor and dietitian. It is advisable to take five small meals than to take the usual three heavy meals. A good and selective food plays an important role in the life of a diabetic patient. Good and nutritious food is required for the body to function normally. The body is getting the required energy from the foods you eat.

Carbohydrate, protein, fat etc. are the suppliers of energy to the body. Insulin is required by the body to use this energy. Insulin helps the glucose enter the beta cells in your pancreas where it can be converted into energy which is stored. If the pancreas is not capable of producing insulin or sufficient insulin for this function, your blood sugar level will not be normal.

Avoid food that contains a high amount of starch and excess sugars. The food that is to be avoided is bread, pasta, potatoes, beans, cereal, peas, lentils, desserts, candy, jam, and syrup. Avoid saturated fats and consider using monounsaturated fats found in avocado, nuts, olive oil, and canola oil. The polyunsaturated fats are also good and they are found in sunflower oil, soybean oil, and corn oil.

Diabetes Exercise

In your normal life itself, regular exercises are a must to keep the body in good fitness condition. But most of the people are not very enthusiastic about this and they will only think about the fitness of the body when they have some physical disorder. For a diabetic patient regular exercise is very necessary. It will help the body to regain the normal energy and help the pancreas to become more efficient. For body fitness, you do not have to do very hard exercises like weight lifting or running. Normal and simple exercises, like walking, swimming or playing games for 30 to 40 minutes a day will do. But take care to do it regularly for at least five days a week.

Diet control and regular exercises are not very easy to do all of a sudden when you know that you are a diabetic patient. First thing is to prepare the mind to adapt these changes. So after understanding the bad effects of the uncontrolled situation of blood sugar levels in your body and its future health risks, train your mind to adopt the required changes.

After the initial period of displeasure, the body will be accustomed to this change, and you will start to lead a very normal life. A further requirement is the determination to continue this diet control and exercise for the life completely. To become successful in this effort, you have to get the support of your family and friends in the society. Family can do a lot to make the situation and atmosphere comfortable for a diabetic patient. When you appear in social functions, you want the support of your friends to keep up your habit of diet control; instead of their sympathy which will produce the negative effect.

If you are able to observe three things strictly, you can keep your diabetics in control without fearing about any future risks. These three things are diet control, regular exercise, and medicines. Diabetes blood sugar level should be monitored in regular interval to convince yourself about that you have no physical problems.

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