How to Manage Diabetes with Mindful Eating


According to several studies, mindful eating strategies might help manage your diabetes and weight loss. But what is mindful eating? Mindful eating refers to a technique that teaches you how to be aware of what you drink or eat at any time. Drinking and eating mindfully is, therefore, perhaps the best way to manage your diabetes. When we are mindful of what we drink and eat, we can satisfy ourselves better than when we are occupied with other things while eating.

The best tool

One of the best tools that we can use to manage our diabetes is bringing our weight back to normal. With every kilograms or pounds that we shed, it gets a lot easier to maintain our glucose level to where it doesn’t lead to complications of diabetes. One of the best practices of mindful eating is putting down the spoon or fork that you use for eating and not picking it up until you are through with what is in your mouth. When you slow down and enjoy each bite, you don’t need to eat a lot since the food already has so much more taste.

Slow food

As compared to eating a lot of delicious and expensive food, food that we eat slowly has much more taste to us. It’s actually a trade-off between quantity and quality. This is very important especially when you are eating with other people. The best way to eat with others is to wait until the other person stops talking. Instead of talking next, have bite. This process will actually slow down the food that you eat.

Practice monotasking and eat right

Reading, watching television, and using your smartphones are some of the things that can greatly affect your eating. Instead of doing this, you need to learn how to monotask. Although you can easily switch your attention from one thing to another such as eating or reading, you can only pay full attention to one.


Starter kit for mindful eating

According to experts you need to start gradually. Here are some of the tip to help you
· Set your timer to at least 20 minutes and use that time to clear your meal.
· Try eating with your other hand. For instance, if you normally use the right hand try holding the spoon with the left hand.
· Try using chopsticks instead of using spoon.
· Eat saliently for one minute while savoring the meal.
· Make sure you bit small chunks and chew them well.
· Before opening the fridge, ask yourself whether you are really hungry. If not, you can spend the time doing something else.

Eating and drinking mindfully can impact positively on your weight loss thereby making it simple to manage your diabetes. However, mindful eating alone cannot help you. You also need to learn how to eat right. You need to the right food and the right amount of food. Diabetes is a very serious condition that if not managed well can lead to high blood sugar thereby leading to serious problems such as stroke, heart attack, and blindness. It’s, therefore, very important to learn how to use mindful eating and drinking to manage your weight and diabetes.


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