Importance of fitness in maintaining a healthy lifestyle


Fitness, along with proper nutrition is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Being physically fit is the right way of maintaining body functionality. If you are in your 30s, you are probably trying to balance your professional and personal life. Besides that, you may be wondering whether being physically active is worth the time and effort. Well, this is the right time to start. Here is the rundown of the importance of fitness to your overall health.

Reduces the risk of chronic illness

 When you start your fitness journey early, you’ll have a reduced risk of high cholesterol, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Our bodies are designed to operate best at their ideal weight. That’s why carrying those extra pounds will increase the risk of developing chronic diseases. If you already have a chronic illness, you should embark on a regular exercise routine to improve your overall health. For instance, aerobic exercise can improve your cardiovascular health. Plus, you must eat the right foods.



Boosts mental wellness

 The importance of fitness when it comes to mental health cannot be underestimated. One of the most effective ways of improving your mental health is by exercising regularly. Studies have shown that regular exercise can treat mild to moderate depression. Most importantly, it promotes neural growth and all kinds of changes in the brain. It also releases powerful chemicals that energize your spirits. Remember, your body is linked to your mind. When you improve your physical fitness, you’ll automatically experience greater mental well-being.



Increases the density of bones

 Regular exercise improves your bone health. However, not all training is equal when it comes to building strong, healthy bones. In other words, the magnitude of strain during a workout is crucial in developing higher bone density. Doing regular resistance exercises helps to stimulate bone formation. Not only that, any activity that forces you to work against gravity like walking, climbing, jogging, etc. will strengthen your bones. You should keep exercising because both men and women start to lose their bone mass at age 35.



Promotes better sleep

While many people complain that doing an exercise makes them too tired, there is also an added benefit to sleep. According to fitness experts, regular exercise has similar effects to sleeping pills. If you have trouble sleeping, you should embark on an exercise program to create muscle fatigue. As you near bedtime, your body temperature drops allowing you to relax deeply with no interruption. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many of us are sleep deprived. Because of this, the best time to exercise is during the day to give your body enough time to cool down.



  Final thoughts 

Many individuals will openly admit that their fitness level is not where it ought to be. That said, poor fitness comes from the different facets of life including poor eating habits, being overweight, lack of exercise, etc. No matter what age you are, you cannot underestimate the importance of fitness. Although the motivation to stay fit starts to disappear as we grow older, this is the time when healthy fitness habits become more beneficial. With this in mind, it’s crucial that we set realistic fitness goals now. When you keep fit, your body will stay young, both inside and out.



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