Insulin Production


Insulin is the main anabolic hormone in the human body. That makes it a very important hormone for regulation of the metabolic process. The majority of insulin production happens in our pancreas. That is the most relevant function of the pancreas as an organ. It is important to know the process of insulin production, because our main metabolic functions depend on the secretion of this hormone.

How does our body use insulin?

The process begins in beta cells inside pancreatic islets. Beta cells allow insulin to interact with glucose in the blood. When the insulin is produced, its main function is transforming blood glucose into energy for our body. Our liver, muscle cells and skeletal structure use this energy as stimulation. Basically, it is fuel for our body.

Insulin and glucose are strongly connected in metabolic processes. When the liver produces glucose, the production of insulin suppresses certain amounts of glucose. This mechanism ensures that glucose is entering our system in the proper amounts. If insulin loses its mechanism of suppressing additional glucose, there are many negative consequences. High levels of glucose damage our cells and this is the main implication of diabetes. When the body is not able to produce enough insulin, the higher glucose levels damage our cells and produce many complications. Insulin has a huge impact in the regulating of glucose.

What does artificial insulin production look like?

For people who suffer from diabetes, it may be very important to know about artificial insulin. Sometimes, natural levels of insulin are not strong enough to fight higher glucose levels. That is why injecting artificial insulin is a potential step towards managing a certain type of diabetes. This is especially viable in situations of increased glucose in the blood. Always consult a physician changing diabetes medications and always consult your physician on any diabetes treatments, before starting them.

Some diabetics have trouble with vision and orientation. Overall, their entire health condition is affected. The effects may be more pronounced when blood glucose is too high. In order to avoid these situations, some people may be tasked with taking doses of artificial insulin in order to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. However these same symptoms may present when blood glucose is too low, which may make artificial insulin very dangerous or even deadly. That is why it is very important to consult a physician about any diabetic medications before starting or changing them, especially insulin.


Artificial insulin is often taken from animal cells. With the proper purification, is has been mass produced and is safe for humans. You can and should only use artificial insulin if directed by your doctor. In modern studies, the insulin is extracted from genetically modified organisms that completely correspond to human cells. This kind of artificial insulin provides an even safer solution for controlling blood glucose.

In situations when our body stops producing enough insulin, we need to look for alternative ways to get healthy amounts of this hormone. Injecting artificial insulin is the proven way to maintain a healthy balance of glucose. That is why people with diabetes sometimes have a recommended intake of insulin during the day. With this practice, they maintain a healthy balance inside the body while ensuring a longer and higher quality life.

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