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Convenience, education, and follow-up often determine how well your diabetic patients comply with your orders. We’re the best, let us handle it! We can provide kits for your office that contain supplies and paperwork. You just hand the kits out and send in the paperwork. Your new diabetics will be testing on day 1 of diagnosis without visiting a pharmacy!

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Trusted for 25 years servicing diabetic patients

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Clinical Services

Cardiovascular/ANS Assessment Program can significantly enhance profitability of any small clinic. You set the date, we provide a technician and a machine.

Diabetic Footwear

Our custom orthotic insoles and diabetic footwear are high quality with a large selection. We have a fleet of Pedorthists which visit patients at home.

Additional Services

Our Products & Services tab shows our ever growing set of consulting and service offerings.  Let’s collaborate.

Testing Supplies

We provide sample kits for your office. Give it to your patient, fill out the Rx and fax it to us. We’ll handle the rest.

Orthotics & Braces

We offer mobility solutions that improve quality of life for your patients. Try our medical braces as a first choice.

Diabetic Education

To learn the basics about checking blood sugar, read the Diabetic Research  Institute’s brochure.

Source: Diabetes Research Institute Foundation 

Need Prescription Forms?

Testing Supplies PDF:pdf-1 TestingSupplies.pdf
Back Brace PDF:pdf-1 BackBrace.pdf
Knee Brace PDF:pdf-1 KneeBrace.pdf
Vertaloc Brace 2 Pdf:pdf-1 Verta Loc Brace2.pdf
Orthotic Questionnaire Pdf:pdf-1 Orthotic Questionnaire.pdf
Vertaloc Brace Pdf:pdf-1 Verta Loc Brace.pdf
AoB_Braces Pdf:pdf-1 AoB_Braces.pdf
AoB_TestingSupplies Pdf:pdf-1AoB_TestingSupplies.pdf
Ankle Brace PDF:pdf-1 AnkleBrace.pdf
Wrist Brace PDF:pdf-1 WristBrace.pdf
GIndexHighRez pdf:pdf-1GIndexHighRez.pdf
Foot Exam Pdf:pdf-1 Foot Exam.pdf
Orthosis Evaluation Form Pdf:pdf-1 Orthosis Evaluation Form Pdf
Orthosis Sizing Pdf:pdf-1Orthosis Sizing.Pdf

get_adobe_readerForms Require Adobe Acrobat Reader

Our Partners

Check out our wide selection of Diabetic Shoes from the websites below

Some shoes may not qualify as diabetic footwear. Please check with your Diabetic-Shoppe representative for availability: