The Diabetic Shoppe is accredited by the Joint Commission on Healthcare Organizations. Part 1


Diabetic supply companies do not have to be accredited but the Diabetic Shoppe felt that it was important to improving our patient care that we join other health care organizations in meeting these rigorous standards.  It appears that soon all Durable Medical Equipment companies – which is the category under which Diabetic supplies fall – will have to be accredited.  There are many organizations from which we could have chosen to receive a seal of approval.  We feel that the Joint Commission standards provided the best guidelines by which to run our operation.  We have policies and procedures in place that allow us to know how to deal with every operation within our business.  We are constantly evaluating every component of our business to assure that we are providing the highest level of safety and quality to our patients.


The Diabetic Shoppe core products/services are all physician ordered when reimbursed by an Insurance Company.  It is important that we have a relationship with you and your staff that allows open communication.  We normally leave our starter kits with you that have meters and prescriptions.  You pull the prescription and complete it and sign and date it.  If you want to send us demographic data from your computer rather than filling all the top part out that is OK.   These prescriptions can be faxed to us or we will work with you to get the prescriptions to us in another way if that would be easier for you. We are working on getting the electronic signature.   We want to work with you to make your job of providing health care for Diabetes patients as uncomplicated as possible.   We want you to feel comfortable that your patients are getting the highest quality supplies and service available.

The Diabetic Shoppe is patient driven.  We understand the psychological and sociological factors that affect the patients with whom we work.  It is very important to us that the products and services that we provide are of the highest quality because we know how the disease affects every part of the patients’ lives.  We want our patients to know who we are and we try to build a relationship with them.  We keep very good records of every contact with them so that we will be able to maintain an understanding of whether they are doing what is best for the control of their disease.  We do all the paperwork required to receive payments from Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance.  We are required to bill them for their deductible and co-pay amounts but we work with patients to help them in cases when they cannot pay their co-pay.

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