The Diabetic Shoppe’s 25th Anniversary


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What’s New

We would like to proudly announce our 25th anniversary celebration! If you haven’t checked out our website lately, you should! We have made some huge changes to the way The Diabetic Shoppe interacts with our patients and providers.

We’ve also increased the number of services we offer. We stand behind our products, and our new array of braces are second to none.

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Thank You!

We feel so blessed to know you and get to work with you as our patient. We have some fantastic promotions every now and then for people who follow us on social media. We have some exciting things coming down the pipeline, so pay close attention to The Diabetic Shoppe’s social media accounts in the coming months. We are going to shock and amaze you with wonderful content!

For our Medicare patients, if you’ve had trouble getting your diabetic testing supplies due to the Competitive Bid, we have some wonderful opportunities for you. Just call today at 888-571-3533 or contact us at

The Diabetic Shoppe has always believed that prevention and education are necessary to combat complex conditions like diabetes, and we are doing our part. In our blog section, our team of medical professionals work to educate our patients.

Special Offer:

The Diabetic Shoppe is offering a chance to win a Yeti tumbler

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Most major insurances, including Medicare cover your diabetic shoes, so call us today. The Diabetic Shoppe wants to be the place to go for all your diabetic needs in 2017, and beyond.

Let’s make sure the next 25 years are as good as the last.

More than twenty-one million Americans suffer from diabetes. Each of these diabetics must have fast, accurate access to blood sugar testing supplies, such as lancets, test strips and control solution.Now, is available to make sure important test supplies are always on hand.

Founded by Mr. Robert L. Salmon, offers a simple, convenient way to make sure diabetics always have their glucose testing supplies. Patients or caregivers can between a wide variety of diabetic testing supplies. The first package usually includes a glucose meter and lancing pen as well as test supplies. Following the first shipment, patients will receive shipments with necessary supplies in intervals determined by their insurance. There is no charge for shipping.

“The ongoing theme within our company has always been ‘Doing business to do business again’ ”

The health, goodwill and happiness of our patients always comes first, which is why we’ve made convenience and quality top priorities.

Insufficient access to health services and lack of awareness are two factors contributing to complications for diabetics including blindness, amputation and kidney failure. Mr. Salmon and his forward-thinking team of doctors, pharmacists and specialists in diabetic care aim to prevent those complications and realize the stress of testing multiple times a day. Convenience is key.

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The Diabetic Shoppe

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