Top Technology Trends for Diabetic Patients


Technology is transforming the world of healthcare. We now wear wristbands to record the number of steps we take, our heart rates and our sleep cycles. Today, diabetes treatments have also changed considerably as patients become more tech savvy. New devices and technologies have emerged to help manage the disease.

But before we talk about the top trends, let’s briefly talk about diabetes because it’s a national epidemic. There are over 400 million people of the world’s population that have been diagnosed with diabetes. Another 80 million plus have pre-diabetes which is elevated blood sugar levels but not quite to the diabetes diagnosis. There are 2 types of diabetes. These are;

  • Type 1 is usually diagnosed at a young age and it’s where the body doesn’t manufacture enough or any insulin
  • Type 2 diabetes is normally diagnosed at an older age, but not always. There are risk factors associated with it and those include; exercise, being overweight, and having a family history of type2 diabetes.

They both really do affect lifestyles because once you have a diagnosis of diabetes, you need to be able to change your lifestyle so that you can manage this disease.


Top Technology Trends for Diabetes.

Diabetes is about diet, exercise, rest and learning how to test your blood sugar and knowing what the numbers mean. Let’s now talk about the testing and numbers because there are some great advancements that are making it a lot easier for everybody out there to manage their diabetes.

Blood Glucose Meter

This is a new advancement that measures your blood glucose. It is a Bluetooth-enabled device so that means that the data in this device can communicate with one’s smartphone. The process is quite easy. You simply take the meter, insert the strip and it automatically turns on. Take your lancing device, stick your finger and apply blood. It’s very important to place that blood correctly on that strip. After that the device will count down your reading and present it to your smartphone. This device tells the story of how well you’re self-managing your diabetes and it keeps all the results.

This device can automatically communicates this data into a medical database. That is a remote patient monitoring system that is used by a physician, group or clinic so that they’re monitoring patients in between visits and have more of an idea of what’s going on with the patient. What’s unique about this new trend is the fact that it tracks your system anywhere you go. So, if a mom wants to know how their child is doing in school she can easily get her child’s latest blood glucose testing results.

Smart Blood Pressure Machines

It’s estimated about 2 out of 3 diabetics have high blood pressure. All you need to do is press the button and whatever your reading is will be stored on the cell phone app. Blood pressure monitors can also alert your physician and you can see trends in blood pressure by viewing your history. The apps often have charts that show what your readings have been and it’s very quick. This is very beneficial because you can see charts and graphs in which you can put notes and make smart decisions about your health.



In the past, using these devices was so difficult for both parents and children. It was quite costly and took a lot of time. But now the process is really quick, easy and painless.

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